Inspiring a Passion for Young Readers

Name: Laurel Heger


Institution: Libraries and or field trips to Community Colleges by 3-6 graders

Audience: Grades 3-6

Books used:
Thumbelina By Hans Christian Anderson and over 150 fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Anderson.

Materials needed:
The 1952 musical film  Hans Christian Andersen, posters for the event (designed by college students), and materials to design finger puppets for the story characters.

Brief outline of program or event:
Children’s literature students from Community colleges would read Thumbelina  and use finger puppets to re-enact the story as portrayed in the 1952 movie with Danny Kaye:

A party theme with the sound/music playing I’m Hans Christian Anderson:



The Children of the Philippines Celebrating the Joy of Reading

Handas-SurpriseName: Eva B. Ramos

Institution: Rainbows Foundation

Audience: Children, Educators, Librarians, Volunteers

Books used:
The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Handa’s Surprise, Crow Boy, Each Kindness, Flat Stanley, Goodnight Moon, Chicken Soup with Rice, The House that Jack Built

Materials needed:
Video clips, pictures, PowerPoint presentation

Brief outline of program or event:
Present narrative and demonstrative materials on the establishment of libraries in public elementary schools, doing read alouds to elementary school students with extension activities, reading comprehension classes to older high school students and workshop on the magic and values of children’s literature.

What’s in a Name?

mynamewashusseinName: Bianca Piergallini

Institution: Whitehall City Schools

Title of proposed program: What’s in a Name?

Audience: Grades 6-8

Books used: Literature that addresses the theme of names/naming (preferably books that represent a variety of cultures around the world, e.g., Hannah is My Name (Yang), My Name is Bilal (Mobin-Uddin), My Name is Jorge (Medina), My Name Is Sangoel (Williams & Mohammed), My Name is Yoon (Recorvits), My Name Was Hussein (Kyuchukov), The Name Jar (Choi)
Materials needed:
Chart paper, markers

Before the Lesson: • Facilitate a discussion with students on the topic, “What is a Picture Book?” • Study the aesthetics of picture books (explain important features of these texts) • Show students how they “work” • Provide various examples of books for students to browse Procedures: • Assign students to small groups and give each group a choice of the picture book that they wish to read/analyze. • Ask students in each group to play a role: Reader (who will read the book aloud to the rest of the group), Writer (who will write the thoughts of the group on the chart paper), and Speaker (who will share the thoughts of the group with the rest of the class). • While students are reading their respective texts, post potential discussion questions on the board for them to address on their chart paper after reading. Some sample questions include: 1. Why was the character’s name important to him or her? What actions/words showed the importance? 2. What conflict arose because of the character’s name? How was the conflict resolved? 3. How would you have reacted to the conflict? 4. What cultural variations (differences from your own culture) did you identify in the text? Similarities? 5. What is the “story” of your name? • Have the speaker for each group share some of the main points of the group’s discussion with the entire class. Encourage other students to build off of these points for a more in-depth discussion. Extension: There are several directions in which this lesson can continue, for example, a writing lesson (a personal narrative) can stem from the discussion of question #5 (What is the story of your name?). There is also a connection to Social Studies, where students can research the cultural history of their name.

Postcards from Around the World

Name: Rebecca Levitsky

Title of proposed program: Postcards from Around the WorldPOSTCARD_crop

Audience: 3-6 grade

Books usedPost Card Passages by Susan Joyce Encyclopedia Set
Materials needed:
Postcard templates Pencils Stickers Whiteboard and markers Display board for the completed postcards Children_around_the_world.jpg poster

Brief outline of program or event:
Subject Area: Information Literacy/Social Studies/ELA Grade Level: 3-6 (Ages 8-11)

Lesson Title: “Postcards from Around the World” Encyclopedia Lesson Time: 30 minutes

Information Literacy Standards: information literacy-to access information efficiently

Ask the students if they have ever sent or received a postcard. Read the book Post Card Passages by Susan Joyce to understand the concept of a post card and the information it usually contains. Ask them where they think we could get some information on a country and have the students use encyclopedias and other reference sources. Have students work with a partner to create postcards and send them to one another.

International Book Club

Name: Ragina Shearer

Title of proposed program: International Book Club

Audience: 8th grade students

Books used:
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin, Tiger Moon by Antonia Michaelis, Heartsinger by Karlijn Stoffels, Here Lies Arthur by Philip Reeve

Materials needed:
Books, Computers

Brief outline of program or event:
Eighth grade students and I have formed an International Book Club. Here is a picture of us wearing our club T shirts. The students have been reading the four international titles, listed here, under materials for the past month. Now during the month of March they will be blogging with Texas Woman’s University students on In celebration of International Children´s Day, the students will be attending a storytelling celebration held at TWU.

Celebrate International Children´s Book Day!

outstandingName: Judi Moreillon

Institution: Texas Woman´s University

Title of proposed program: Celebrate International Children´s Book Day!

Audience: Middle School International Book Club students, pre-service classroom teachers, and the TWU community.

Books used:
A complete list is found on our wiki at:

Materials needed:
storytellers, contemporary international novels display, handout with wiki link for audience access after the event

Brief outline of program or event:
To celebrate International Children´s Book Day, graduate students and their professor in LS5633: The Art of Storytelling are sharing traditional stories from China, India, Ireland, Mexico, and Spain. In addition, we are providing contemporary international novels to browse. We used the Outstanding International Books (OIB) Lists from the U.S. Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) and the WOW (Worlds of Words) International Collection of Children´s and Adolescent Literature database to identify some of the contemporary novels. 8th-grade students in the Calhoun Middle School International Book Club, sponsored by English language arts teacher Ragina Shearer, and their parents will be among our audience. Ms. Shearer and Dr. Moreillon, assistant professor TWU, are Texas Ambassadors for the USBBY.