Salt Lake City Celebrates ICBD

SLCPL displayIt’s never to early to think about how we can celebrate the next International Children’s Book Day  in 2015!

Celebrating ICBD can be as simple as making a display that catches the attention of parents and children browsing in your library. Robyn Green of the Salt Lake City Public Library created this display called “Global Connections.”

Utah USBBY Representative Lauren Aimonette Liang teaches an International Children’s Literature undergraduate class at the University of Utah. In that class, she revisited the authors each student had chosen to study for their Hans Christian Andersen Award author studies (done the previous month) by going around the room and stating the title and general plot of the favorite book they had read by the author they had studied.



Peace Stories from throughout the World

Name: Kelly Grimmett

Institution: Friends Seminary

Title of proposed program: Peace Stories from throughout the World

Audience: K-3

Books used:
Many books!

Materials needed:
Peace Stories Google Map

Brief outline of program or event:

Friends Seminary Service Learning Director, Leitzel Schoen, and Librarian Kelly Grimmett worked with Kindergarden and first grade students to create this resource as a service to the Lower School community during our annual celebration of Peace Week. This resource can work equally well as a basis for celebrating International Children’s Book Day. Using the Google map ( families are invited to read these stories and to consider using them as a launching point for a family discussion about peace and nonviolent communication. Click on each marker on the map to learn about the plot, access online resources, and receive a peace query to guide a family in reflection.

Travel the World through Books

Name: Kathy G. Short

Institution: University of Arizona

Title of proposed program: Travel the World through Books

Audience: Children, Parents, Teachers

outstandingBooks used: Global literature by local authors, illustrators, and translators. Children’s books in world languages. Display of the USBBY Outstanding International Books
Materials needed:
Passports to be stamped

Brief outline of program or event:
Open house from 9-12 on a Saturday morning where visitors can travel from place to place in our center to get their passports stamped as they:

  • See the original drafts and illustrations and talk to 5 local authors, illustrators, and translators who have books in global setting.
  • Purchase their books and get them signed.
  • Listen to international readers reading in 7 different languages from a display of children’s books from those countries
  • Browse award-winning international books
  • Receive bookmarks and book lists on global literature (these will be set up in different stations throughout the center to facilitate informal interactions and the stamping of passports.)

Family Story Time Celebrating International Children´s Book Day


Name: Alisooutstandingn Francis

Institution: LaGrange Library

Title of proposed program: Family Story Time Celebrating International Children´s Book Day

Audience: Families with children ages 4 and up

Books used:
A selection of picture books from the Outstanding International Books list.

Materials needed:
Picture books from the Outstanding International Books list

Brief outline of program or event:
Families will come to a story time for a reading of several picture books from the outstanding international books list for young children. Following the readings, families will share some of their own favorite stories from their family´s heritage. When families register for the event, they will be asked to bring a favorite dessert from their family´s heritage. After the books have been read and family stories shared, families will share their desserts and any stories related to the food they brought.

Activities for National Week for the Promotion of Reading

Name: Julinda Abu Nasr (PhD) Honorary President of LBBY

Institution: Lebanese Board on Books for Young People (LBBY)

Title of proposed program: Activities for National Week for the Promotion of Reading

Audience: children and parents

Books used:
A variety of books

Materials needed:
Certificates, incentives and healthy snacks

Brief outline of program or event:
April 20-May 3, 2012 1. Reading sessions in different schools, public libraries and orphanages. This year stories will be read to deaf and blind children in their schools. 2. A number of TV appearances to talk about the importance of reading are planned. Some articles will be written for the local newspapers on the literary events of the week and their significance. International activities on children´s literature will be mentioned. (It is worth noting here that LBBY was responsible for introducing the Reading Week to the Ministry of Culture, the body that oversees the variety of activities that take place in the country at large. Schools, libraries, orphanages, publishers, writers, illustrators, the media .all take an active part in one way or another during this week. The whole country is involved in reading activities) 3. A celebration is held during which certificates and prizes are given to the top three readers in the 65 schools that are participating in LBBY Yearly Reading Competition. This celebration is usually attended by the winning students, the teachers who were responsible for the activity, the parents of the students and sometimes members from the Ministry of Culture. This year we have something very special for the celebration. We are taking the children to a natural resort where they will have a tour of the place with a guide who will introduce them to the many activities of the organization, the kinds of trees and shrubs in the forest there, the recycling done and others. A music program including some animation will take place. Children will be given presents, certificates for being good readers and a healthy snack prepared on the site. 4. Another activity of the week is A Panel Discussion on Books for Children with Special Needs. This is an area that is totally neglected in our country. We will have an exhibition of books written in Arabic for these children and about them for parents, teachers, social workers and others. 5. An E book will be launched by LBBY this year in cooperation with Lebanese Down Syndrome Association. It is our first attempt at this kind of books.

Notable Books for a Global Society Award Winners


Name: Karen Hildebrand

Institution: Ohio Library and Reading Consultant

Title of proposed program: Notable Books for a Global Society Award Winners

Audience: Children, Teachers, Parents

Books used:
Any or all of the award winners from 2012 or previous years of the Notable Books for a Global Society.

Materials needed:
Gather the lists from the website. Colored paper for making bookmarks or booklists. Paper purchased from teacher supply stores or catalogs in the shape of a globe are ideal.

Brief outline of program or event:
Have the display in a school or public library for children, teachers and parents to browse. Book talking these books to a staff meeting, professional development meeting or parent evening in the public library would give greater insight and hands-on experience with these excellent award-winning titles. Teachers and librarians can also book talk these titles in individual classrooms.