Inspiring a Passion for Young Readers

Name: Laurel Heger


Institution: Libraries and or field trips to Community Colleges by 3-6 graders

Audience: Grades 3-6

Books used:
Thumbelina By Hans Christian Anderson and over 150 fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Anderson.

Materials needed:
The 1952 musical film  Hans Christian Andersen, posters for the event (designed by college students), and materials to design finger puppets for the story characters.

Brief outline of program or event:
Children’s literature students from Community colleges would read Thumbelina  and use finger puppets to re-enact the story as portrayed in the 1952 movie with Danny Kaye:

A party theme with the sound/music playing I’m Hans Christian Anderson:



Monsters of the World

Name: Cristy BurneWellingtonHarbor

Title of proposed program: Monsters of the World

Audience: Children of any age (tailoring scariness to suit)

Books used: Books that feature curious and fabulous monsters from around the world. For example: BUNYIPS DON´T by Sally Odgers features Australian monsters called bunyips; TALES OF THE TOKOLOSHE by Pieter Scholtz features the African tokoloshe; and THE TANIWHA OF WELLINGTON HARBOUR by Moira Wairama features the Maori taniwha.
Materials needed:
– Sheets of paper – Pens and pencils for drawing

Brief outline of program or event:

  • Read books about some of the weird and wonderful monsters that exist in mythology from around the world.
  • Talk about some of the monsters that exist in Western/European mythology (for example, vampires, werewolves, etc)
  • Ask the kids to grab their pens and paper and dream up their own monster. Encourage them to create a monster that is specific to them. Draw the monster and label its attributes. Does it have strong legs for jumping mountains? Does it carry a cake for feeding its friends? Does it wear sunglasses to protect its eyes from the snow?

Folktales from Around the World

StoriestoSolveName: Lisa Herskowitz

Institution: Northport-East Northport Public Library

Title of proposed program: Folktales from Around the World

Audience: grades 2-5

Books used:

Materials needed:
pencil, paper, photocopies world map(optional) Smart Board (optional) country souvenirs (optional)

Brief outline of program or event:
The Stories to Solve series by George Shannon is a fun vehicle to introduce children to different countries. Each short folktale (average six paragraphs) ends with a word puzzle that challenges children to think outside of the box to solve a mystery. Indicate on a map the country of origin of the tale you are going to tell. Displaying hats, flags, or other items from the country adds another dimension, as would a Smart Board demonstration of appropriate websites or databases providing country facts. Share interesting gestures, social customs, eating habits, etc. obtained from CultureGrams. After the story is read aloud, the children, who have been split up into small groups, work together to solve each mystery. Provide each group with pencil, paper and a copy of the story. Some of the stories lend themselves to a visual solution. For those tales, make copies of the “answer” illustration from the book and cut each one into small squares. Give each group a set of squares to assemble to solve the puzzle.