Inspiring a Passion for Young Readers

Name: Laurel Heger


Institution: Libraries and or field trips to Community Colleges by 3-6 graders

Audience: Grades 3-6

Books used:
Thumbelina By Hans Christian Anderson and over 150 fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Anderson.

Materials needed:
The 1952 musical film  Hans Christian Andersen, posters for the event (designed by college students), and materials to design finger puppets for the story characters.

Brief outline of program or event:
Children’s literature students from Community colleges would read Thumbelina  and use finger puppets to re-enact the story as portrayed in the 1952 movie with Danny Kaye:

A party theme with the sound/music playing I’m Hans Christian Anderson:



Millions of Stories

millions of stories

Name: Francois Brillon


Title of proposed program: Millions of Stories

Audience: Children of all ages

Books used:
The most diverse and maximum amount of children books possible.

Materials needed:
Parents, Children, Storytellers, fun, love, passion, books.

Brief outline of program or event:
Hi, I think promoting the Children’s Book Day would be wonderfully achieved by getting a lots of books lovers and storytelling to fulfill a spectacular and unifying storytelling goal, i.e. telling more than 1 million of stories to children all around the world! This would be an event like a Telethon, but not for collecting money. The sole and only purpose of this event would be to read stories to a lot of children around the world and make them happy about it. 🙂 This is the goal I’m pursuing at




Monsters of the World

Name: Cristy BurneWellingtonHarbor

Title of proposed program: Monsters of the World

Audience: Children of any age (tailoring scariness to suit)

Books used: Books that feature curious and fabulous monsters from around the world. For example: BUNYIPS DON´T by Sally Odgers features Australian monsters called bunyips; TALES OF THE TOKOLOSHE by Pieter Scholtz features the African tokoloshe; and THE TANIWHA OF WELLINGTON HARBOUR by Moira Wairama features the Maori taniwha.
Materials needed:
– Sheets of paper – Pens and pencils for drawing

Brief outline of program or event:

  • Read books about some of the weird and wonderful monsters that exist in mythology from around the world.
  • Talk about some of the monsters that exist in Western/European mythology (for example, vampires, werewolves, etc)
  • Ask the kids to grab their pens and paper and dream up their own monster. Encourage them to create a monster that is specific to them. Draw the monster and label its attributes. Does it have strong legs for jumping mountains? Does it carry a cake for feeding its friends? Does it wear sunglasses to protect its eyes from the snow?

Neighborhood Storybook Reading Festival

Name: Shyamala Shanmugasundaram

Institution: Author and event organizer

Title of proposed program: Neighbourhood Storybook Reading Festival

Audience: school aged children

Materials needed:
children´s books

Brief outline of program or event:
Children´s author Shyamala Shanmugasundaram is co-organizing a one day conference on Indian children’s books to be held in February in Mumbai, India. Under the Kahani Tree: a place to promote reading and children books Here is her suggestion to promote reading among children:

Conduct a two-day neighborhood storybook reading festival by partnering with a neighborhood school or library to avoid the expenses involved in hiring a place and equipment. In this way you can reach out to a large number of children who love listening to stories. On the first day, a storyteller teaches the children the art of narrating stories- how to modulate voices for each character, high or low pitch, expressing feelings, etc. On the second day children take turns in reading out from their favourite storybooks. This helps to build self confidence and public speaking skills.

Prior to the day of the event, the organizers can arrange to bring talented resource people to the neighbourhood. Corporate companies can be given banner space and allowed to distribute promotional leaflets on the premises of the event in exchange of funds to hire the resource people.

Shyamala Shanmugasundaram
Navi Mumbai, India

Celebrate International Children´s Book Day!

outstandingName: Judi Moreillon

Institution: Texas Woman´s University

Title of proposed program: Celebrate International Children´s Book Day!

Audience: Middle School International Book Club students, pre-service classroom teachers, and the TWU community.

Books used:
A complete list is found on our wiki at:

Materials needed:
storytellers, contemporary international novels display, handout with wiki link for audience access after the event

Brief outline of program or event:
To celebrate International Children´s Book Day, graduate students and their professor in LS5633: The Art of Storytelling are sharing traditional stories from China, India, Ireland, Mexico, and Spain. In addition, we are providing contemporary international novels to browse. We used the Outstanding International Books (OIB) Lists from the U.S. Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) and the WOW (Worlds of Words) International Collection of Children´s and Adolescent Literature database to identify some of the contemporary novels. 8th-grade students in the Calhoun Middle School International Book Club, sponsored by English language arts teacher Ragina Shearer, and their parents will be among our audience. Ms. Shearer and Dr. Moreillon, assistant professor TWU, are Texas Ambassadors for the USBBY.